Our First Order of Business is Sustainability


Eco-Friendliness Integrated at Every Stage of the Process

Touchstone Communities creates desirable places to live, work, and play with a strong emphasis on fostering a healthier lifestyle and conserving the environment. We believe sustainability is a way of life and that a holistic and strategic approach to this topic is critical. By analyzing and understanding the impacts from every aspect in our business, we plan ahead to create sustainable neighborhoods that preserve our natural resources and promote a healthier living environment.

A first step toward this goal is to plan and to build smart. Touchstone Communities is dedicated to encouraging our future residents to incorporate eco-friendly choices into everyday life. In the field, we involve our future residents early on in the planning process. By taking all ideas into consideration, we are able to form a place where home, work, leisure and shopping activities are situated in close proximity. Every community is structured in a smart way and built to put people first by offering pedestrian friendly design and cutting down on vehicle commutes. Incorporating recycling facilities and community gardens into our communities, for example, makes it convenient for residents to participate in sustainable practices.

In addition to the general planning of our communities, it is important for us to provide a wide array of amenities for our future residents that encourage them to engage in a healthier lifestyle. Walking and biking trails, fitness and recreation centers, sports courts, swimming pools and parks are just some of the recreational amenities that can be found within our communities. Our building materials, architecture and energy-saving concepts support our green, low-carbon communities. We use modern design standards to conserve energy and make the use of renewable water resources available. Where there are opportunities to maintain the original landscape and nature within our communities, we identify smart ways to integrate and to protect them. We actively approach innovative technologies and ideas in all layers of environment, society and economy to find sustainable and green solutions for a better future.

Plant Something

Sustainability Re-Imagined

  • Land Planning

    To minimize environmental impacts, Touchstone studies local conditions before proceeding with land planning

  • Materials Sourcing

    Using local providers and recycled materials enables Touchstone to reduce waste and consumption

  • Walkability

    Trail connectivity between businesses, parks, homes and amenities make healthy living easy

  • Parks

    Socialize with friends and family, enjoy the clean air, exercise and keep your family and pets healthy and happy

  • Reduced Water Consumption

    We strive to minimize water consumption and utilize renewable water resources where available

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