Land Acquisition, Community Planning & Entitlement,
and Land Development

Touchstone specializes in transforming raw land into “ready-to-build” sites, laying the foundation for vibrant future communities


Land Acquisition


At Touchstone Communities, we excel at identifying and securing prime real estate for development. Our team conducts meticulous research and due diligence to discover project opportunities in strategic locations near shopping, dining, and employment centers. These sites possess the potential to evolve into vibrant communities that deliver exceptional living experiences and strong investment returns.


We collaborate closely with community stakeholders and local governments to craft thoughtful, sustainable designs that reflect the unique character of the land and the needs of future residents. By combining historical context with contemporary demands, we create neighborhoods that honor the past and embrace the future. Our expertise in navigating complex entitlement processes ensures seamless project progression while adhering to local regulations and standards.

Our community designs integrate opportunities for social interaction, connectivity, and wellness, offering residents convenient access to trails, parks, sports courts, playgrounds, and fitness facilities. These thoughtful designs encourage healthy, active lifestyles and cater to a variety of preferences.

Park Circle
Land Development


Transforming vision into reality is our forte. We skillfully shape the land, construct infrastructure, and establish parks and amenities that align with our master plans. Our partnerships with premier builders ensure that our communities are completed to the highest standards, delivering exceptional quality and lasting value.


Touchstone Communities is committed to sustainable development that prioritizes environmental stewardship and a higher quality of life for residents. We employ modern design practices and high-quality, energy-efficient materials to conserve resources and promote eco-friendly living. By incorporating renewable water resources, preserving natural landscapes, and designing pedestrian-friendly spaces, we reduce our environmental impact and foster vibrant, resilient communities.

  • Land Planning

    Our approach to land planning prioritizes minimizing environmental impact by conducting comprehensive studies of local conditions and integrating best practices.

  • Materials Sourcing

    We emphasize the use of local suppliers and recycled materials to minimize waste and consumption, contributing to a more sustainable construction process.

  • Walkability

    Our pedestrian-friendly trails create seamless connections between homes, businesses, parks, and amenities, enabling residents to lead healthy, active lives.

  • Parks

    Designed to foster social interaction and outdoor enjoyment, our parks offer spaces for residents to gather with family and friends, exercise, and enjoy nature.

  • Water Conservation

    Touchstone Communities strives to minimize water usage and maximize the use of renewable water resources, supporting sustainable living across all our developments.


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